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The Best New Android Games This Week

Feature image for our best new andorid games this week feature. It shows a female NPC from Ace Racer with blue and pink hair, the Mini Slayer from Mighty DOOM fighting demons, and a killer in a rabbit mask from Dead By Daylight Mobile.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the best new Android games this week, don’t worry. We’ve searched high and low for the most recent additions in the Android game world. This week’s been an exciting one for brand-new games. Down below is where you’ll find our handpicked choices from this week. Hopefully, you’ll like them as much as we do!

Each week we’ll report on the new games and shine a light on those that you may have missed out on. The best new mobile games this week are Mighty DOOM, Ace Racer, and Dead By Daylight Mobile.

Mighty DOOM

A cute little re-imagining of the FPS phenomena that is DOOM, Mighty DOOM features an action figure of Doom Guy who has come to life and set out to do exactly what his likeness does.

The game takes the shape of a rogue-lite top-down shooter, with familiar locations and enemies in a smaller form. You’ll ber trying to make it as far as you can, and facing off against various bosses to advance through adorable hell.

Ace Racer

An extremely stylish-looking racer, this game has a decent amount of features to keep you busy. The cars in Ace Racer are customizable and come from a range of real-world models.

There are also some interesting three-player co-op mechanics that see you taking one specific roles as part of a team.

Dead By Daylight Mobile

Alright, so Dead By Daylight might have seen its original mobile platform debut a while ago, but the new and extensive revamp is a very different title to its previous incarnation. The new version of this killer vs survivors deathmatch brings far more features and a large graphical overhaul to the table. If the old version didn’t wow you, it might be worth giving this one a try.

That’s our picks for the best new Android games for this week. Looking for something to play all these on? Check out our news on the new 120Hz budget Android phone.

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