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The Best New Android Games This Week

Feature image for our Best New Android Games This Week feature. It shows an officer in Valiant Hearts: Coming Home shouting orders, several characters from Mir M, a team meeting in Roller Drama, and Avatar's Toph Beifong.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the best new Android games this week, don’t worry. We’ve searched high and low for the most recent additions in the Android game world. This week’s been an exciting one for brand-new games. Down below is where you’ll find our handpicked choices from this week – hopefully you’ll like them as much as we do!

Each week we’ll report on the new games and shine a light on those that you may have missed out on. The best new mobile games this week are Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, Avatar Generations, Mir M, and Roller Drama.

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home

You can experience the stories of unsung heroes and learn a bit more about World War One with Valiant Heart: Coming Home, a puzzle, adventure, and interactive graphic novel combined. You follow four different characters’ lives during the huge global conflict, and visit some major historical events and learn a little about those that history nearly forgot.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber you can the game for free here on Google Play.

Avatar Generations

Avatar Generations is a new gacha RPG that gives you the chance to take a big variety of characters from the Avatar universe for a spin on the battlefield. There are lots of characters to try out, and storylines running across the whole timeline that you can unlock. Avatar fans should give this a passing look at least.

Avatar Generations is available now on Google Play.

Mir M

If you’re all about MMOs then Mir M might be worth your time. The isometric MMORPG builds on MIR4 and gives you a world with a lot going on. There are extensive character-build options, an in-game player-driven economy with player-run stalls, and clan-based PVP. There’s no shortage of features to keep you occupied.

You can grab Mir M now on Google Play.

Roller Drama

Ever dreamed of managing your own roller derby team? No? Well, maybe Roller Drama will change your mind. This combination of a management sim and visual novel set in a dystopian future has you trying to win matches while keeping all your quirky team members on board. It has a kickass art style, too.

Roller Drama is out now on Google Play.

That’s our picks for the best new Android games for this week. Looking for something to play all these on? Check out our news on the new 120Hz budget Android phone.

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