Black Adam joins this DC fighting game in new promotion

Unless you’ve been living under a Dwayne Johnson, you’re probably aware of The Rock’s new DC film, Black Adam. A new entry in the DC Extended Universe, this anti-hero comic book movie aims to bring the edge when it launches later this month. 

In order to promote the new movie, Black Adam has been added to the mobile fighting game Injustice 2. Will you fight the Shazam supervillain?

Play as Black Adam in Injustice 2 

Introduced in Update 5.5, the Ruler of Kahndaq is joining Injustice 2 right now. Designed after his appearance in the movie, complete with The Rock’s face, Black Adam is a full playable character in the pocket fighter. 

The new character is categorised as an Arcane Damage Dealer. This means that the character uses powerful magic to deal harsh damage to his opponents, although he does still rock brute strength. 

For his specials, you can use a Straight Blast attack, firing lightning towards your foe. Furthermore, a Lighting Discharge attack works similarly with the added benefit of cancelling an opponent’s block. 

The coolest special attack is Storm Cloud, a large AoE attack. By using this attack, you’ll create a wide thunderstorm that summons lightning around the character, all while making you unhittable. 

Additionally, Black Adam has three passive abilities to boost his effectiveness in battle. Stamina of Shu makes special attacks able to pierce armour; The Courage of Mehen makes you immune to power drain; Strength of Amon bumps damage. 

Finally, the character’s Super is another entertaining blockbuster move. This new move — Shazam! — sends enemies into a deadly Egyptian thunderstorm of godlike proportions. 

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Attending the event 

The arrival of the new DC character in Injustice 2 is paired with an all-new event. Dubbed the Ancient Judgement Solo Raid Event, you’ll engage in a deadly new storyline surrounding the anti-hero. 

In the event, the Ruler of Kahndaq has kidnapped the Justice Society of America. By fighting him, you’ll return the classic DC heroes and unlock some new Kahndaq Artifacts in the meanwhile. 

If you have yet to play Injustice 2, you can download the game right here! That’s it, article over, buh-bye. 

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