Black Clover Mobile Launches in Japan as Global Pre-Registration Goes Live

Black Clover Mobile gameplay screen.

There’s big Black Clover Mobile news today. Not only has it just launched in Japan, but the global version is up for pre-registration on Google Play.

It’s also up on the App Store, with an expected launch date of July 31, but those dates aren’t always accurate. Expect July for now, and we’ll try and narrow down the window further.

What’s Black Clover Mobile?

It’s an upcoming (unless you’re in Japan!) gacha game that takes place in the anime universe of the same name.

Most-excitingly, it’s built in the UE4 engine, with high quality 3D visuals. It makes the combat all that more action-packed, with impressive skill effects firing off every which way.

Yes, But What Do You Do?

Well, in true gacha form you collect characters to build up your own Magic Knights squad. These characters can include your favourites from the anime series.

Once you’re happy with your squad, you can upgrade them to increase their power. That includes levelling them up and upgrading their equipment.

Then, when you’re happy with your team, you send them off into challenging battles in PvE and PvE game modes. These include dungeon crawls, an arena, and time-limited challenges.

Is That It?

No, actually. There’s also a bunch of extra-curricular activities to participate in. You can explore the world at your leisure, for one, seeking out treasures.

Then there’s cooking and fishing, for those that enjoy just chilling in between combat stages. There’s plenty to do, in other ways!

Where Can I Get Black Clover Mobile?

Well, unless you live in Japan, you can’t get it right now. Instead, you have to pre-register for it on Google Play.

As we mentioned earlier, we’re not sure exactly when it will launch. However, you can check out one of the games in our best new Android games this week feature.

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