Ruby Rose Makes an Appearance in the Black Rock Shooter Fragment x RWBY Collab

feature image for our black rock shooter fragment RWBY collab news, the image features the promo photo for the event with the main characters from RWBY such as ruby rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladona, and Yang Xiaolong, with the RWBY logo and black rock shooter fragment logo at the bottom with an X in the middle to represent the collab between the 2 franchises

The Black Rock Shooter Fragment x RWBY collab is here! Two incredibly popular franchises combine for this exclusive event – but only in Japan. Black Rock Shooter Fragment is currently only available for JP servers, with a global release set for 2023. 

As of right now, there isn’t an official launch date for the global servers, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for updates over the coming months. 

Black Rock Shooter Fragment x RWBY Collab – What’s on Offer?

Black Rock Shooter Fragment is yet another entry in the beloved franchise, and it looks awesome. Personally, we’re looking forward to a global release so we can get our own hands-on experience with the tower defense gacha RPG.

Now, let’s take a deep dive into what the Black Rock Shooter Fragment x RWBY collab brings to the table for JP players. Firstly, it wouldn’t be a gacha collaboration without limited-time character banners. Additionally, the event also includes a weapon banner! 

Limited-Time Character Banners

From now until April 30, you can use your in-game currency to pull for characters and weapons from the hit series, RWBY Ice Queendom. There’s also a set of collab missions that provide players with a free 10-pull, which also guarantees at least one of the characters from the RWBY banner – perfect!

The limited-time character banners are:

  • Ruby Rose
  • Weiss Schnee
  • Blake Belladona
  • Yang Xiaolong

Extra Rewards

Clearing event stages rewards you with Dusts and Rose Petals – this is the event currency! You can then head to the Event Trade Post to purchase upgrade materials and event items with this in-game currency.

Similarly to other gacha game events, there are stages that fall under Normal difficulty, as well as EX-Hard difficulty. By clearing all event stages, you can unlock rare profile titles and exclusive Gold BRS Statues – don’t miss out!

For more information about Black Rock Shooter Fragment, visit the official website. If you’d like to keep up to date with the RWBY event, follow the game’s official Twitter page! On the hunt for new games to play? Check out our Best Android Gacha Games guide.

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