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Blades Tale is up For Pre-Registration

Blades Takes is an MMORPG set in eastern Wuxia, a fantasy world. Take on hordes of enemies with your friends and become a true master of martial arts.

Blades Tale, a free MMORPG

Swap classes instantly, equip a sword, fist, bow, parasol and Qin at will. Skills are customisable, allowing you to personalise your character.

One other feature to mention is the in-game trading system. Allowing you to share your loot with your friends and guild members.

The story of Blades Tale is a Romeo and Juliet situation, where two lovers are in different alliances at war with each other. The evil spirits have turned these two lovers against each other and activate the Godstone. Duan Huiyin sacrifices her own soul to travel back in time and alter her fate.

If you want to pre-register, follow this link to the Google Play store.

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