Bloody puzzle game Divide by Sheep is on sale for 50% off

The tinyBuild published game, Divide by Sheep, is currently on sale on the Google Play Store for a limited time. Down from it’s usual $2.30 price tag, it’s now at a more reasonable $0.99 thanks to a 50% discount. (price may vary depending on location)

For those of you not familiar with this game, Divide by Sheep is a puzzle-based game with more than 120 puzzles, set across 4 worlds. The graphics are reminiscent of an early 90’s gaming system, and there’s some cute humor to the whole game. The gameplay, whilst being cute, can quickly turn sinister thanks to the inclusion of weapons, and doing whatever is required to survive, including sacrificing sheep which turns bloody fast.

So, if the sound of this game intrigues you, hit the link below and grab it whilst it’s 50% off.

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