Blue Archive Offers 100 Free Pulls For a Limited Time

feature image for our blue archive 100 free pulls news piece, the image features screenshots of the animated cutscenes for the game featuring a variety of the game's characters

Blue Archive fans get a fantastic treat for the next few days. Log into the game every day for ten free pulls, with 20 free pulls on the last day of the event – but be quick. 

While you can save up these wishes over the course of the event, please keep in mind that they expire at the end of the current banner. The event runs from February 5 to February 14!

Can I Use The Blue Archive Free Rolls on Limited-Time Banners?

Fans are pretty happy about this news, especially since the two characters on the current limited-time banners are great units. The first is SIzuna, and SChise! If you want either of these characters, make sure you pull on their banners while they’re available in-game. 

As with many other gacha games, characters on this type of banner cannot be found in the general pool.

What Can I Use the Free Rolls For?

Additionally, by logging in, you can obtain free Recruitment Points and free Recruitments. You can use this currency on all of the current banners – even the general pool ones. If you don’t want SIzuna or SChise, this is the best course of action for you.

The excitement is at an all-time high for Blue Archive at the moment, especially with the news of an official anime adaptation.

What is Blue Archive?

Blue Archive is a stylish and vibrant gacha RPG. Collect a variety of units as you immerse yourself in the exciting storyline, or take part in fast-paced tactical battles. There’s even a fun little feature where you can spend time with characters in the cafe – which you can also decorate to your heart’s content! 

The 3D real-time battles also include brilliant animations and cutscenes. Use Momo Talk to send messages to your favorite characters, and get to know them a little better. For more information about the game, visit the official website, or download the game on Google Play now!

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