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Blue Archive Second Anniversary Gets Its Own Festival In Akihabara

feature image for our blue archive 2nd anniversary news piece, the image features a screenshot of a character from the game, as well as a drawing of some of the characters from the promo art for the 2nd anniversary event

The Blue Archive second anniversary stream airs on January 22. Fans expect to see a preview of new content, and possibly even new characters. In general, the live stream is a massive celebration of the continuously evolving gacha game that is loved by many. 

It’s not just a live stream either – it’s an entire festival. While the global audience can watch from home, there’s also going to be an in-person event for the celebration too. This is the first time Blue Archive has done something on this scale, so it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out. Additionally, the game itself includes a ton of promotional campaigns to add to the party.

What’s On at the Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary Festival?

We’re not too sure yet what these campaigns will entail, or what the rewards will be, but we’ll report on any updates as soon as possible! Now, if you’re curious as to where the event is held, it will be at the Bellsalle venue in Akihabara. Some of the voice actors for the characters will make an appearance too, giving fans a chance to meet them. There’s a rumour that they will announce future updates for the game during the event. 

Now, let’s discuss the exciting festival some more. In the center of the venue, there’s a huge Peroro that is around 16.5 feet tall. This will surely be one of the main attractions at the festival, offering players a ton of photo opportunities. There’s also a wide variety of activities for fans to take part in such as quizzes, photo stands, and merchandise. Guests can also watch the special panels that will be discussing the game in general. 

What Else Do I Need to Know?

As for right now, we don’t know much else about the Blue Archive second anniversary event. Keep an eye on our news page for more information, as we’ll report on anything that is notable about the festival and live stream. If you plan to watch the live stream while it is airing, you can do so on the game’s official Youtube channel.

Not tried Blue Archive out yet? You can grab it on Google Play now!

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