Grab Your Celebratory Blue Archive Free Rolls Now – Be Quick!

feature image for our blue archive free rolls news piece, the image features the characters hoshino as she yawns and mika

In celebration of the massive accomplishment of topping the grossing charts, Blue Archive free rolls are now up for grabs. Since the Mika banner release and the second anniversary of the game, Blue Archive has risen in popularity.

It was already a successful game, but first place in top grossing is a solid achievement.There’s also a Blue Archive anime in the works, which is probably helping with the boost in popularity.

A New Character

The most likely cause for the spike in growth is the release of a brand-new character, Mika. She seems to be pretty popular amongst Blue Archive fans, so it’s no surprise that gacha players will pour quite a bit of money into their favourite game for a chance of obtaining her. Thankfully, the Blue Archive free rolls will help to tide us over for a while! If you haven’t got Mika yet, this could be your chance.

A lot of gacha games do tend to rise up the ranks quite a bit when a new character drops, due to the nature of the summoning systems in this type of game. The fact that it currently places above popular gachas such as Genshin Impact, it’s hard to ignore the success of Blue Archive in recent times. Especially with the recent second anniversary celebrations in the game.

The 2nd Anniversary Event

Just a few weeks ago, Blue Archive held a special event in Akihabara to celebrate two successful years. The developer is definitely aware of the continuing growth amongst the fans and game charts – which is a good thing! We’re big fans of Blue Archive here at Droid Gamers, so it’s fantastic to see a brilliant game get the recognition it deserves. 

What is Blue Archive?

Blue Archive is a stylish gacha game that features a wide variety of cute anime-style characters. Take part in 3D battles with gorgeous animations as you try out a range of unique abilities! Whether you choose to focus on the engaging combat, or you want to explore the storyline, there’s plenty to do in Blue Archive. Download the game on Google Play now!

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