Blue Reflection Sun Releases Early Pre-Download – But Only for JP

feature image for our blue reflection sun pre-download news article, the image features promo art of a character, as well as promo screenshots from the game of characters relaxing and characters that are about to go into battle

Blue Reflection Sun is now available for pre-download for JP users – and for those that use a VPN! The final Closed Beta Testing wrapped up in early December, and we can finally see the game in action. As the game is out on February 21, you can get ahead of the curve and download it for release! 

As fans of the Blue Reflection series here at Droid Gamers, we can’t wait to get our hands on this game ourselves. It’s the first mobile game in the popular JRPG series, so there are a lot of eyes on this release already.

Pre-Registration Rewards

We last wrote about Blue Reflection Sun in January, where we have a helpful list of all pre-registration rewards. If you have taken part in the pre-registration period, you can receive a variety of free rewards once you log in for the first time!

When’s the Global Release?

At this current time, we don’t actually know of a global release date – there has been no further news as of yet! We expect the release date to be sometime later this year, especially since the JP release is this early into 2023. Make sure to keep an eye on our news page as we plan to report on all of the latest Blue Reflection Sun announcements!

What is Blue Reflection Sun?

Blue Reflection Sun is the brand new entry in the long-running franchise. Delve into a fresh storyline with a plethora of new characters to collect! It’s important to note that this is the first mobile gacha game in the series, so it’s interesting to see how Blue Reflection can adapt to the genre.

So far we have some gorgeous pieces of promo art, and footage from the CBT – the game looks brilliant! We definitely recommend checking out the game itself and revisiting the past entries on PC and PlayStation.

If you want to learn more about the stylish JRPG, visit the official website. Additionally, you can pre-download the game on Google Play now!

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