Box Fox (alpha version) – Cool new 2D platform game with lots of potential

Box Fox (a.k.a Box Fox Lite) is a platform game in the alpha stages of development and although it is in the alpha status, you can download and test it out. Developed by Corroding Games, Box Fox is a platform game with a heavy focus on puzzles which you solve by moving objects, stacking boxes and things of that nature while you collect all the gems on each stage.

You have two options when it comes to moving your character and items in-game, you can use the on-screen D-Pad or the trackball (if you have one). While moving with the D-Pad is much more fluid (and using the A Button to pick up/drop boxes), it is located in the top left of your screen which feels a bit weird at first. You get used to it though and it does offer a bit better control then the trackball.

The only other issue with this game which can be improved upon is that the graphics are kind of small, detailed but small. It is a bit hard to see things at times.


  • 2 Game modes: Normal and Challenge
  • Detailed 2D graphics
  • Touch screen or Trackball controls
  • Highly detailed graphics
  • Tricky puzzles – too tough you can skip them too!
  • Lot of objects to use
  • Custom level creator (Full Version only)



You will be able to make your own levels and share them in the future full version when it is released. Box Fox has a lot of potential to be a great and challenging platform/puzzle game but right now it is not optimized for lower-end Android devices. That should also be changing in the near future which will give Box Fox a bigger fan base.

Overall though, Box Fox offers a good amount of platform fun while keeping things challenging with the puzzles it presents each stage. Don’t forget to grab all the gems either! You can pick up the alpha version of this game right now for free off the Android Market and don’t forget to give feedback to the developer either in the comments or on his forums.

Developer Website: Corroding Games

Direct Market Link: Box Fox Lite (Alpha)

Click QR Code to enlarge for easy scanning: {rokbox}images/stories/QRCodeLibrary/QRBoxFoxA.png{/rokbox}

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