Brawlhalla Battle Pass Season 4: Order of the Exalted Lion, Out Now

Side-on multiplayer thwack-’em-up Brawlhalla has just been updated with Battle Pass Season 4: Order of the Exalted Lion. That means loads of new content for you to sink your big ol’ teeth into.

The Battle Pass itself features 85 tiers of exclusive rewards for you to work your way through, and it’ll run for the next 12 weeks. That’s loads of time to get everything.

Let’s take a moment and watch ourselves a trailer that shows off some of the goodies that are included in Order of the Exalted Lion, shall we? Yeah, that’ll waste some time.

If you want a full break down of everything that’s changing in the Order of the Exalted Lion update, you can click here to read one over on the game’s official website.

In short though there’s a new Ghosts in the Fortress Brawl of the Week, new skins including Octavius Mordex Progression Skin and Soulbound Diana Epic Skin, new sidekicks, avatars and colors and a Fall of the Lions Progression Podium.

If you haven’t played Brawlhalla yet, well you can download the game from the Google Play Store by clicking right here.

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