Broken Sword – The Serpent’s Curse confirmed for Android, Kickstarter campaign almost fully funded

Last week we talked about the newest addition to the Broken Sword point-and-click adventure game series, called The Serpent’s Curse, and the fact it was up on Kickstarter looking for $400K in funding. It was announced that it would be also coming to mobile devices including Android but there seems to have been a bit of confusion about that fact.

So the developers, Revolution Software, decided to clear everything up by offering the Android version as one of the rewards for anyone who pledges $25 or higher towards their Kickstarter campaign. We figured it would be coming to Android anyways since Broken Sword – The Director’s Cut recently arrived on Google Play.

This is the first time in awhile that the Broken Sword series got a completely new installment in which you will be in Paris hunting down the mysterious disappearance of a painting worth a lot of money. You won’t be just isolated to Paris though, both George and Nico will be traveling Europe to solve the mystery of the vanishing painting.

Currently the game is slated for release in the earlier part of 2013 and is currently sitting at a little over $373K with 18 days to go so making the $400K goal shouldn’t be a problem. If you have already pledged $25 or higher, you will get the Android version of the game when it is ready.

Website Referenced: Broken Sword Kickstarter

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