Other Gachas Bite The Dust As Brown Dust 2 Surpasses 10 Million Dollars Since Release!

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Gachas have exploded in popularity within recent years, so to achieve an impressive 10 million dollars in just 2 months of launch is record-breaking for the Korean published, Brown Dust 2.

Never has Korea seen such rapid and immense success from a gacha before the release of the high-praised, Brown Dust 2. With intriguing characters, stunning visual and play design, and an excellent story to find yourself immersed in, there’s no shortage of things to love and indulge in. 

Set the scene upon the continent of Svern where 5 grand kingdoms live in thriving harmony, until one mysterious day, an ominous shadow is cast across the lands. Each kingdom plummets into a twisted spiral from the dark magic that looms across the far reaches of their lands. With war on the brink and high tensions, Svern’s fate falls on you to defeat the evil and restore peace once more.

The Secret To Success

So how did they do it? Well, the consensus seems to be the incredible high effort and love packed into the Brown Dust 2. Unlike some gachas, Brown Dust 2 doesn’t have the same pay-to-win feel that others do. Of course, there are in-game purchases, as expected from any free-to-play game. However, with so many freebie spoils, and giving their players a free pull on banners per day, there’s definitely a good reason the fans are invested.

Another theory is content feedback, the developers stay close to the community to see what the players want. On that note, they listened, and today we see the first male banner drop as heavily requested by so many of the players, so don’t miss out on the pulls!

There is also high praise from the community as BD2 had quite a slow start. However, after addressing community issues, and fixing some in-game turmoil, they absolutely slayed the competition and surpassed a huge milestone. Brown Dust 2 has officially set the bar high for any future gachas to come out of Korea.

Where The Fun Is At

Who knew being so rewarding to the players would reward the game in return? You can see for yourself why this game did so well through the Official Site, where you can also download the game and learn more about the story and characters! 

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