Build a Tower Full of Fairytale Characters with Theme Solitaire

Once upon a time, solitaire was a game that people played to take their minds off their circumstances. It was little more than a dismal place of refuge for prisoners in their cells and office workers at their desks. 

But the smartphone casual gaming revolution has fixed that. There are now countless fun, inventive, joy-filled variations on solitaire, and Theme Solitaire is the latest game to join that club.

And it might just be the most inventive solitaire game yet. Theme Solitaire sees you clearing decks of cards to build an adorable virtual tower full of adorable miniature people. 

Based on the Tri Peaks variant of solitaire, the game involves clearing cards one higher or lower than the card at the bottom. If there are none available, you can stock your hand from the downturned pile or undo your last turn by spending gold.

Meanwhile you gather materials, use them to make artifacts, and then use these artifacts to gain special abilities. 

King of hearts

The card stuff is fun and easy, as you’d expect, but on top of the classic card-sorting gameplay there are boosters, traps, and special cards littered about. These can change the course of play, adding a fun random factor to proceedings.

Theme Solitaire is also filled with quests, mini-games, and bonus games, and the styles of the stages are different every time you play, so there’s no danger of being bored for even a millisecond.       

There are 200 stages in all, themed around 11 famous fairytales, from Rapunzel to the Wizard of Oz. Characters from these tales have their own individual dialogue, so presumably you can be personally consoled by Pinocchio if a game goes wrong.

It all looks fantastic, and Theme Solitaire is free to download on Google Play (and the App Store!).

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