BulkyPix to bring the minimalistic platformer Pretentious Game to Android soon

Bulkypix has announced that they will be bringing a rather cool minimalistic platformer to Android soon called Pretentious Game. This little platformer follows a story about a blue cube who is in love with a pink cube and will do anything and always find a way to get to the pink cube.

Each stage is minimalistic in its visual design but in order to succeed through the game itself, you will need to read each little sentence that is presented to you. While it is part of the story, the sentence also gives you a clue on how to get through each stage. Basically reading between the lines becomes a necessary skill to solve each stage and to getting your little blue cube to the pink cube.

Pretentious Game is a bit of a thinking persons platformer and not an action-based one. There’s plenty of hidden meanings in this game and those will need to be figured out if you plan of getting far in this title. The controls are simple enough, move left and right along with jumping but you’ll also need to pay attention to your environment as well for different paths that might be possible to take.

As for when Pretentious Game will find its way to Android, Bulkypix has a scheduled release date of December 5th, 2013. The first chapter will be available for free with additional chapters available through IAPs.

Publisher Website: Bulkypix

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