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Bumpin’ Dungeon is an upcoming roguelike that’s full to the brim with puzzles, out July 10 on Android

Bumpin' Dungeon Android

Bumpin’ Dungeon is an upcoming dungeon crawler that combines puzzles with roguelikes to create something a little different.

You have to delicately carve a path through a variety of dungeons, lighting up the tiles you step on to open the exit.

Bumpin’ Dungeon challenges you to light all the tiles in a dungeon to open the exit

Along the way, plenty of enemies will try and put an end to you, so you’ll have to battle them too.

Then there are the myriad traps that will try and stop you, like spikey floors. Basically, everything wants to kill you.

If you’d like to check it out, you’ll have to wait until July 10 when it launches on Android.

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