Call Of Dragons, Strategy From Makers Of Rise Of Kingdoms, Out Today

Feature image for our Call of Dragons news. It shows a battlefield with huge numbers of units clashing at a gate.

A new title from the creators of Farlight 84 and Dislyte just touched down on Google Play, with Farlight Games’ stylized fantasy strategy MMO Call Of Dragons making its debut today.

The game is a multi-platform affair, with our favorite operating system receiving the game, along with iOS and PC.

Call Of Dragons bills itself as an ‘MMO fantasy conquest game from the creators of Rise of Kingdoms’.

Elves, Dwarves, And Dragons

It drops you into the sort of fantasy world you might expect. There are humans, very pointy-looking elves, some gnome-like merchants, and orcs that are so much scarier for having human-colored skin.

As with a lot of fantasy worlds, there is tons of war going on, and you’re going to be engaging in that.

The game comes with varying terrain, which can be an obstacle or an advantage depending on your tactical skill. Different units can excel on different terrain, and some can pass over obstacles completely. Flying creatures are quite a tactical boon.

One thing Call Of Dragons brings to the table is the Behemoth Combat System, which gives you the chance to have a boss monster on your side.

Like A Boss Monster

In the game, you can do battle with powerful monsters called Behemoths. Once defeated, you’ll get the chance to summon them in PVP to assist you and give your opponent a bit of a scare.

In addition to Behemoths, you have Heroes, a slightly less bestial key player who brings different skills to the table. These storied individuals can do serious damage, heal other units, or grant a buff to any units standing near them. Handy!

The whole thing has a big emphasis on multiplayer, so expect to team up with other players, as well as step into PVP to rough them up a bit. That’s what leading an army is all about.

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