Cannon Ballers is an Upcoming Premium Roguelite That Won’t Feature Any IAPs, Out Now in Beta on Android

If you love roguelikes but hate IAPs, Cannon Ballers is the game for you. This upcoming roguelite is available right now in beta for those that want to give it a try.

You play as a pirate who, for some reason, has to kill a bunch of sheep and peasants to earn cash and points.

Cannon Ballers Seems to be a Suitably Mad Pirate-Themed Roguelie

You’ll do just that with a massive cannon that you have in your possession. Judging from the tiny bit of gameplay we’ve seen, iMy ct kind of looks like pinball or pong, except you can redirect the cannonball.

Beat a mission and you’ll get stuff to add to your collection. We assume this stuff has gameplay value but we don’t know as the official site is short on useful information.

You’re best off trying it for yourself if you’re interested. Simply follow this link to Google Play and sign up for the beta to check it out.

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