Card Twister Is a Party Game Collection with a Free Deck, Cheap Subscriptions, and More

A good party game can mean the difference between a washout and a memorable event. 

The problem is, suitable party games are in short supply. Cards Against Humanity’s lewd fun is too one note, beer pong is too messy, and charades is far, far, far too lame. The others we’ve all played a thousand times before. 

Except you’ve never played a party game like Card Twister. This ingenious app isn’t so much a party game as it is a whole cavalcade of party games, all thrown into a digital box and jiggled around. 

Rather than foisting a single game format on you and forcing you to endure it to the bitter end, Card Twister keeps coming up with new challenges. 

To set up a game, all you need to do is add as many players as you want and give them all names. Then you’re thrust right into the action, dealing with a succession of imaginative, challenging, and occasionally embarrassing demands. 

For example, the app might ask you to take turns coming up with excuses for being late. Alternatively, you might have to use an invisible shake weight for several rounds. Or collectively point at the player most likely to wake up in another country after a night out. 

After each round, the game doles out penalties to the players who couldn’t keep up, and the next round begins. 

Categories include Tongue Twister, Most Likely, Challenge, Face Off, Spin the Wheel, Charades, Time to Vote, and more. Each category contains a huge variety of entries. 

Plus, there are three different sets. First Orders comes free with the app, while you can pay a small subscription for access to the Gen Z and XXX decks. These are themed around the generation known as millennials and… grown-up stuff. 

Card Twister isn’t the first mobile party game compendium, but it’s the funnest, cheapest, and most highly rated by our reckoning. 

To check it out ahead of your next big bash, head to the Google Play Store or the App Store to download Card Twister for free right now. 

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