CarDust looking to bring another 3D racing game to Android in June

There are a few solid racing games out there for Android featuring the sort of top-down isometric viewpoint where your vehicles look like Micromachines. Reckless Racing and Mini Motor Racing would be two good examples of this. Well a third is heading our way very soon called CarDust.

Developed by Spectrum Entertainment, CarDust also features that top-down isometric viewpoint where all your cars look like Micromachines. Wrapped up in 3D visuals, CarDust will come with 6 tracks and 6 cars at launch with presumably more to be added in future updates.

CarDust Features:

– Six cars plus an unlockable sixth vehicle
– Six richly featured 3D tracks plus an unlockable sixth one
– Innovative time warp and position switching power-ups
– Two casual race modes: QuickRace with up to 5 AI opponents, and TimeTrial enabling you to race your own “ghost”
– Social integration enabling the player to download and compete against world’s best “ghosts”
– Big Tournament mode: race on four different tracks and score the most points to unlock extra content
– Full OpenFeint integration with leaderboards, achievements and TimeTrial “ghost competition” with the best player currently out there.

CarDust will also come with three game modes for you to race around in as well as the ability to try and beat the best ghosts (other player’s cars) to try and become the top racer. Currently there is no information about pricing or an exact release date, only that it is coming in June 2012 to Android. It will be a paid game but the developers are also planning to release a free version as well.

Official Website: CarDust

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