Cartoon Network has soft launched their new Ben 10 game called Generator 5D in select regions

Ben 10, Cartoon Network’s animated, shape shifting hero, has a new game on Android. As the most recent entry into Cartoon Network’s Game Generator series, players will be able to create their own levels, in addition to playing the ones included with the game.

In this Ben 10 Game Generator 5D, players will be assuming the eponymous role of Ben, who needs to navigate his way through fifty levels that contain a variety of different traps, puzzles, enemies, obstacles, and so on. Ben can use his Omnitrix to transform into aliens that include the following: Articguana, Gravattack, Heatblast, Shocksquash and XLR8. Each of these have unique powers that will help Ben complete different stages of the game.

New to the 5D version are:

• 50 Brand-New Levels: Guide Ben through 50 new action-packed and challenging levels.
• Two New Characters: Unleash the powers of Ripjaw and Upgrade, two new playable characters.
• Enhanced Features: Improved graphics and controls, a hints feature for tackling difficult levels, a new scorecard and an Omnitrix badge award for completing levels without using undo!

Players can post their best times online, as well as the ability to create custom levels that include the more than sixty different Game Elements. These levels can then be shared with other players, making the custom levels available for play. 5D is also set to include two other playable characters, Ripjaw and Upgrade. Ben 10 Game Generator 5D is currently in a soft launch, with it being unavailable in the US and other regions.

As for pricing, if iTunes is any indicator, it’ll be $5.99 when it does get globally launched. In the meantime, you can check out more screenshots and the game’s trailer below.

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