Cathode’s Journey is a Music Game About a Robot Cat Chasing a Neon Butterfly Through Space

If you’re a fan of the electronic music scene, you may already be aware of Juvul’s cutting edge music visualization platform. 

More to the point, you may already be aware of Cathode, the robot cat with a TV for a head that serves as the platform’s digital mascot. 

Cathode is the perfect video game character, which is why it’s no surprise that Juvul has put their creation to work in Cathode’s Journey, an innovative new rhythm-action game for Android and iOS. And best of all there are no in-app purchases or ads to ruin the fun.

Cathode’s Journey is a 3D auto-runner that sees Cathode the cat hurtling forward along a floating walkway made of colored light. This platform is being created on the fly by a neon butterfly, and it unfurls in wavy lines and spirals, making for a seriously trippy spectacle. 

The further you get in Cathode’s Journey, the trickier the challenge becomes. It has that feature in common with the majority of video games. In most other respects, however, it treads its own path. 

Even within the rhythm-action genre, Cathode’s Journey is a novelty. 

How? For starters, the pace of the gameplay isn’t dictated by the soundtrack, but rather by your skill level. Time is elastic, and slows down or speeds up depending on how consistently you pick up jewels and avoid hazards. 

The introduction of the neon butterfly mixes things up, too, thrusting you into a relationship that’s part duel, part duet. 

And you can’t really lose the duel, since there’s no death in Cathode’s Journey. Failure just takes you from one state to another. There’s always a way back. 

One of our favorite things about Cathode’s Journey is the way it uses tilt controls to increase the immersion. It’s a tricky game to master, but once you’ve cracked it you’ll get to experience a fantastic multi-sensory flow state, which is the holy grail of rhythm games. 

To check out Cathode’s Journey, download it right now on the Google Play Store (free) or the App Store (free). You can also check out the official Website and Facebook.

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