CES 2011 – What to expect

Like we said, we’re covering CES this year! But what do we here at DroidGamers expect to see get announced from Android and the mobile industry? See our speculation after the break!

  • More Android Tablets: we expect a lot of major manufactures that have never made mobile hardware before bring great Android tablets to the table. These will probably come along with hundreds of smaller no-name companies releasing devices ranging from nice to absolute garbage.
  • Tegra 2 devices: both phones and tablets will be showed off if these things are ever coming out. We’ve been seeing more and more leaks of them, and we’ll probably be seeing a lot of no-name manufactures using them in their tablets.
  • Gingerbread and Honeycomb: While we expect great things from both of these operating systems, and they’ll revolutionize Android, I think we’ll see Android updates being over talked and likely over promised mostly by those no-name companies that we’ll see making those same garbage tablets unfortunately.
  • Verizon and 4G: With the imminent launch of Verizon’s lower latency 4G network we may see a push towards LTE multiplayer gaming from Verizon.
  • HTC Merge/Droid Incredible HD:We’re sure to be seeing an announcement almost any day now with all of the recent leaks. If we don’t see it in the next few weeks it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing more of it at CES.
  • The next iPad: it may not be an Android device but apple just loves to steal the CES thunder, and in classic apple tradition, they’ll probably announce a big product of their own.

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