[CES 2017] Asus unveils their new ZenFone, the AR.

With the new ZenFone AR, it’s all in the name. Augmented reality is the wave of now, and this new offering from Asus is designed for use with Google’s augmented reality setup, Tango.

A quick spec sheet rundown:

– Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 w/ Adreno 530 GPU. Rumors of the 835 proved too ambitious.
– 8GB RAM (earlier leaks reported 6GB).
– 5.7” QHD AMOLED screen, 2560*1440.
– 23MP TriCam with motion sensing and depth tracking, also has OIS and EIS.
– Support for Google’s Daydream & Tango, VR and AR.

The phone does fall slightly short of what was rumored but in other areas it shines. With 8GB onboard, this should help the phone stay relevant for quite some time. If pricing keeps in line with Asus’ other mobile offerings (which tend to be lower than the competition) then this may be some serious bang for your buck, but that remains to be seen.

So far we have a release date in Q2 2017, with pricing TBD.

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