CES2011: Exclusive hands-on with the space themed 3D MMORPG Vendetta Online beta for Android

Remember way back when we first went live and we reported on a 3D MMORPG coming to Android that was originally based for PC play called Vendetta Online by Guild Software? Well after that article, all was silent on the development… until now. John Bergman got in touch with us with an offer we couldn’t refuse.

After getting in touch with us and offering us the chance for a first look into the beta version of Vendetta Online for Android, how could we turn that down? We sat down with John for a quick talk and a hands-on look at the upcoming space themed 3D MMORPG version for Android.

While we can’t go into too much detail regarding certain specifics about the release, we can tell you a few things.

  • It looks awesome. The rendering was incredibly smooth and the controls were pretty slick as well.
  • It will pretty much be just for Tegra 2 devices
  • A beta release is tentatively planned for this month. This is of course considering if current tweaks to the game (mostly UI) go as planned.
  • The Android version will be as close as possible to the PC version minus some UI elements for obvious reasons.
  • It will be cross-platform with the PC version so you’ll be playing along side PC players


Basic Device Requirements:

  • Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • ARM v7 CPU (Cortex-A8 or better).
  • 512MB of ram (1GB recommended).
  • 300MB of free SD space or internal memory.
  • Hopefully a 7-inch display or larger, otherwise you may need a lot of patience to use the tiny interface elements.
  • Preferably four or more simultaneous multi-touch points. You may be able to play with only two touch points, but it may be frustrating.
  • Some kind of internet connection, preferably wifi for installation (due to the over-200MB asset download).


While the game will be geared towards high-end devices with a Tegra 2 chip inside, Guild Software is open to having Vendetta Online running on other Android devices without a Tegra 2 chip inside them if users wish to try it out when it is released in beta. If you are not aware of what Vendetta Online is, the game is similar to Eve Online. It is a 3D MMORPG based in space with combat, upgrades and all the good stuff you would find in an MMORPG.

You can check out the preview videos we shot of our hands-on with Vendetta Online running on a Toshiba Folio 100 which has a dual-core Tegra 2 chip inside of it. Keep your eyes peeled for this to be released soon along with our upcoming formal interview with John where we will go into a lot more detail about some of the game features, pricing and much more.

Developer Website: Vendetta Online

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