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Check Out the Latest Gameplay Trailer for Company of Heroes on Android

Company of Heroes is due to arrive on the Google Play Store this week, having launched for iPad several months ago.

To get us all whipped up in advance of the imminent invasion, Feral Interactive has released a new gameplay trailer, which showcases the gameplay on the small screen.

First released way back in 2006, Company of Heroes is a fast-paced real-time strategy game set in the European theatre of the second world war following the Normandy invasion in 1944.

It sees you frantically battling to win and hold territory in a variety of different environments, and its mouse and keyboard controls have been converted seamlessly to touchscreen.

Whether it works on a small touchscreen as well as a big one remains to be seen, but the video above looks positive.

You can pre-register for Company of Heroes on Google Play right now ahead of the game’s launch later this week.

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