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Check Out the Latest Gameplay Trailer for Metal Slug Code: J

SNK and TiMi Studios, the Tencent subsidiary behind the hugely popular Call of Duty: Mobile, has just released gameplay footage of their forthcoming Metal Slug mobile game.

Provisionally entitled Metal Slug Code: J, this is the third of the Metal Slug games announced by SNK last year, along with a hybrid action/card game and a PC and console game.

Information on the Metal Slug Code: J is still fairly scarce, but the latest trailer contains plenty of in-game footage, giving a sense of the gameplay and the presentational style.

Gameplay-wise, it’s a pretty conventional Metal Slug game, with side-scrolling, over-the-top shooty action across a range of environments. It looks like TiMi has managed to squeeze a huge amount of variety from the 2D arcade shooter format. There’s an upside down bit.

Graphically, Metal Slug Code: J does away with the distinctive pixelart of the revered original in favor of slick 2.5 visuals, complete with detailed, flowing animation and some fairly splendid monster designs.

We’re not sure when Metal Slug Code: J will be out, but it looks relatively close o completion if the trailer is anything to go by.

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