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Check Out the Latest Trailer for Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal on Mobile

Diablo Immortal Android

Blizzard has released a new trailer and details for Diablo Immortal, its forthcoming mobile addition to the immemorial Diablo action-RPG franchise. 

Showcased at ChinaJoy 2020, which ends today, the trailer features some impressive-looking gameplay footage, as well as a few wordless character introductions. It all looks highly polished and highly generic, as you’d expect. 

Pointing to a number of apparent discrepancies between character models in this trailer and previous ones, with the formerly Nordic Warrior receiving a Mongol makeover and the Necromancer being de-aged, gaming site Gamerbraves speculates that there may be different versions of Diablo Immortal in China and elsewhere. 

Diablo Immortal will see you playing alongside a global community of fellow players, looting, exploring, and generally getting your Diablo on. Set between Diablo II and Diablo III, it will feature new dungeons, locations, and storylines. 

There’s still no release date, but you can pre-register for Diablo Immortal right now on the Google Play Store. 

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