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Chike – Sky Raider is a Unique Endless Runner Starring an Airborne Boy Genius

There are plenty of endless runners on mobile, but there aren’t many developers bold enough to build their debut endless runners around a brand new character, nor set them in a part of the world that we don’t often get to visit in videogame form. 

Deluxe Creation Studios has done both. Chike – Sky Raider is a casual arcade game in which you play as a boy genius flying over the streets of Lagos with a jetpack of his own design. 

It all starts when young Chike decides to embark on a solar power project. He reaches out on the internet for support, and receives a response from a mysterious investor called Mr Afo.

Afo is willing to help, but in return he asks Chike to collect gold research chips that are hovering in the sky above Lagos. It’s a good job Chike has a jetpack.

Chike – Raider is a classic endless runner with all the features you’d expect and more. The gameplay sees you zipping along over a variety of backdrops, including city, marine highway, beach, and more. 

Vehicles trundle along in the far distance, but your obstacles are all airborne. The sky is full of traps set for you by Lara “The Hater”, your bitter enemy. To survive you’ll need to swerve and dodge around these electrified hazards, while picking up power-ups to help propel you to greatness. 

There’s also a “Try Your Luck” minigame where you can boost your gold supplies if you’ve got the skills. 

As you play you’ll accumulate not only research chips but a wide array of new backpacks. You can invite friends to play, too, and challenge them on the global leaderboards.

Chike – Sky Raider is a fun, colorful endless runner with a compelling story about trying to make the world a better place by flying through the air with a jetpack. In some ways it’s quite a familiar formula, but its setting makes it unique. 

We can confidently state that there are more games set on Mars than in Nigeria, and it’s great to experience a new environment while snatching gold chips out of the sky.

You can download Chike – Sky Raider for free right now on Google Play and the App Store.  

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