Clam shell Android gaming device from GPD called the GPD XD

GPD is coming with a clam shell style Android gaming device with full hardware buttons reminiscent of the Nintendo 3DS xl console. Judging by the buttons it seems be aimed at emulators as it looks like a mash-up of a whole bunch of console controllers.

Luckily this comes with their own GPD keymapper to manage all these buttons. Physical controls include: Android home and back buttons, Vita-style dual analog sticks, volume +/-, power, keymapper, L/R 123, Nintendo style D-pad, ABXY buttons, Start, select.

GPD XD hardware/software specs:

– 1.8 GHz 8 core cpu. (RK3288 with Mali t764 gpu)
– 2GB RAM and 16/32 GB internal memory
– Micro SD slot up to 128GB
– Android 4.4
– 5 inch H-IPS display at 1280 x 786, capacitive touchscreen
– Mini HDMI 2.0, 4k video output
– Physical gaming controls

The XD comes in two memory variants, 16 and 32 GB  flash memory and in two colors, black and blue.  The battery is a 6000 mAh li-po, which should give it 10 hours of play time. It’s available for pre-order at a discounted price of $150 and $170, with the normal price being $240 and $280.

Website Referenced: Geekbuying

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