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Archos will be doing the VR thing with a headset of their own this November

Virtual Reality is certainly becoming a pretty interesting sector of the video gaming industry to watch. There are plenty of companies doing the whole Virtual Reality thing with headsets of their own. This really stems from the Oculus Rift doing so well before being sold to Facebook. Archos is planning on getting into the Virtual Reality scene with a headset as well which will be available this November.


OUYA may be arriving a lot sooner than expect for developers, shooting for a December launch

Since the inception of OUYA, the upcoming Android-based gaming console that will also be open source, the slated release time frame for the console to hit store shelves has been around March 2013. Even yesterday when we were reporting on the fact that OUYA would come out of the box with Jelly Bean (Android 4.2) as its initial OS version, we still only knew that it would become available around March 2013. However, it could be coming sooner than that, a lot sooner in fact.