Day: 1 July 2014


More Details Released About The Gods Will Be Watching Android Game

Deconstructeam is a game studio based in Valencia, Spain. Their project Gods Will Be Watching will be released for Android gamers soon. The art style is definitely retro, but the story line could be a page ripped from a not too distant future. The game is about the choices you make and how they impact the outcome of the game. It was created in just 72 hours during the Ludum Dare 26 game jam with ‘Minimalism’ as a theme. The implications of your in game choices will probably stick with you long after the ending credits.


PSA: The Walking Dead: Season 2 has Shambled its way onto Google Play

The first three episodes of The Walking Dead: Season 2, are available now on Google Play. Being released in a similar fashion to season 1, the first episode of Season 2 is free with the other 2 episodes and the 2 remaining coming as in-app purchases. A Season Pass is also purchasable which discounts the entire season by 25 percent. Season 2 so far like its predecessor has been critically acclaimed upon its release. Season 2 brings more story altering decisions as you play as Clementine, a fan-favorite character from Season 1.


Ouya begins testing new 12-month all access pass for $60, but it is sold out

In other micro-console news, Ouya has launched a new all-you-can-eat type of access pass which interested Ouya owners can purchase for $59.99. Purchasing this pass will grant you access to every game on their library for 12-months. However, this is for a limited-time right now since it is more about testing interest in this sort of pass then actually implementing it full-time. That is, of course, unless a ridiculous amount of people buy it. Then we would see this available full-time or at least we think that is what will actually happen.