Day: 1 November 2012


Hemisphere Games bringing the multiplayer goodness to Osmos HD soon

Over the Summer this year Hemisphere Games released a fairly big update to the iOS version of Osmos that brought plenty of new content to the game, especially since a lot of that content was related to a new game mode for Osmos and that was multiplayer. Now, after months of working on the Android version of the game, Osmos HD, it looks like multiplayer will be arriving in the near future for us Android gamers to enjoy.


The never-ending Action RPG League of Heroes arrives on Google Play

Last week we talked about a really cool game that would be heading our way from Gamelion called League of Heroes. Absolutely not affiliated in any way with League of Legends, this new title from Gamelion is a never-ending game where you will be dealing with an unlimited amount of hazards and enemies while protecting your little village called Frognest as well as the villagers that live there.


‘illo – Birth of the Cool hits up Kickstarter, definitely a unique looking game

There are no shortages of Kickstarter projects relating to gaming to try and fund, even if you break it down to mobile gaming. All of the usually have a good idea or a unique twist to them and Raylight definitely has a unique look to their puzzle game that they are trying to get funded called ‘illo – Birth of the Cool. Aside from the rather entertaining title, this puzzle game features quite the unique art style to it, having not really seen anything quite like this before.


Humble Bundle looks to be coming this month and will feature Walking Mars

Usually we don’t get to have advance notice on when the next Humble Bundle is going to be but it seems like there is a bit of an exception to the rule for the next one. This is all thanks to the developer of an iOS game called Walking Mars who has stated on his website that his game will be coming to Android, PC, Mac and Linux this month as part of the upcoming Humble Bundle for Android.


Two new games have arrived for Mobage: Boney the Runner and Monster Mall

ngmoco have released two new games onto their Mobage social gaming platform on Google Play called Boney the Runner and Monster Mall, both of which fit perfectly into the Halloween theme that still is lingering in the air today. However, both games are completely different from each other with Boney the Runner being a running game while Monster Mall happens to be a sort of Tiny Tower type of game but themed around a mall instead, populated with monsters.


Angry Birds Star Wars gets yet another video, this time with Han Solo and Chewbacca

If you haven’t had enough Angry Birds Star Wars videos to watch, whether it be the earlier promotional videos with scenes from the actual movies or the new gameplay videos Rovio has been releasing steadily, then you’re in luck as today Rovio has released yet another Angry Birds Star Wars video. This time we get to see Han Solo and Chewbacca in action. At this rate we won’t need to play the game because we will have seen everything in all the videos Rovio has been releasing.


Amazon Games Studio release their first game, Air Patriots, for Android and the Kindle Fire

Amazon Games Studio has announced the launch of their ‘first’ game onto Android today called Air Patriots. While this is being called their first game release made in-house, this is technically not their first game released as Airport Mania happens to be their first published title. If you dive into it further, it can get a bit confusing as to who is making what since if you look at the Google Play link, it shows Southwinds Games in the URL while the account is actually under Lemon Team.