Two new games have arrived for Mobage: Boney the Runner and Monster Mall

ngmoco have released two new games onto their Mobage social gaming platform on Google Play called Boney the Runner and Monster Mall, both of which fit perfectly into the Halloween theme that still is lingering in the air today. However, both games are completely different from each other with Boney the Runner being a running game while Monster Mall happens to be a sort of Tiny Tower type of game but themed around a mall instead, populated with monsters.

Boney the Runner

As the story goes, Boney was actually human at one point but happened to wake up and noticed he had turned into a skeleton. To add to this bit of a surprise is the fact that a pack of hungry dogs have stumbled onto him and want to satisfy their hunger by eating him. Your job is to help him escape these hungry dogs and luckily for you he has some equipment you can use to help be successful at this. Aside from the equipment, you can also mix potions to help you out and give you special abilities such as super speed and magnetism.

In order to make potions, you will have to discover the recipes for them. As you find more recipes, you’ll be able to make a larger variety of potions with better abilities but you have to collect the coins along the way in order to pay for the potions to be made. It is a bit of a different twist to the whole running game genre. Since Boney the Runner is on the Mobage platform, you can download the game for free and, if you need a bit of a boost, you can opt-in to an in-game purchase or two.

Monster Mall

As we mentioned above, Monster Mall is a sim style game similar to that of Tiny Towers. You will be trying to build the best mall you possibly can and, as your mall grows, you will be adding more levels to it. Of course everything in this game is themed around monsters so all your shops and products are based around that. This particular game has some rather neat social features to it such as the abilities to steal customers from your friend’s malls. If you are feeling nice though, you can visit a friend’s mall and help clean it up and earn a little cash in the process.

You have a rather large selection of services you can add to your mall over time aside from shops. Things like casinos, decorations, different types of restaurants and elevators all contribute to building a great mall. Each amenity can also be upgraded to provide better products and services. Keeping your mall clean and functioning well is also important. Just like Boney the Runner, Monster Mall is also available for free off of Google Play and comes with optional in-game purchases.

Google Play Links: Boney the Runner | Monster Mall

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