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Ngmoco to shut down We Rule on March 31st, 2013 for good

Ngmoco has announced that they will be shutting down four of their games permanently. While three of these games are not on Android at all, one of them happens to be on Google Play and has been for quite some time and has between 500,000 and 1 million downloads. That means there is a decent amount of people on Android who play We Rule that will soon lose the realms they have created.

Game News

Mobage planning to hold Thanksgiving / Black Friday events across multiple titles

With Thanksgiving here in the USA coming closer and closer, Mobage has decided to hold a variety of events across multiple titles in celebration of the Turkey eating day. Also added into the mixed are some Black Friday specials as well for those of you looking to score a deal or two through in-game purchases for any of the titles you may be playing on the Mobage platform.

Game News

Two new games have arrived for Mobage: Boney the Runner and Monster Mall

ngmoco have released two new games onto their Mobage social gaming platform on Google Play called Boney the Runner and Monster Mall, both of which fit perfectly into the Halloween theme that still is lingering in the air today. However, both games are completely different from each other with Boney the Runner being a running game while Monster Mall happens to be a sort of Tiny Tower type of game but themed around a mall instead, populated with monsters.