[GDC 2012] ngmoco’s upcoming Dreamtopia game coming soon to fulfill your dreams

We met up with ngmoco at GDC 2012 where we talked about the upcoming improvements heading to DragonCraft and Skyfall, which we will be covering in a separate article. The other topic of conversation was a new game that will be making its way to Android soon called Dreamtopia.

Dreamtopia is an interesting game that mixes city building with RPG game mechanics and tosses in a little social gaming to round it all out. Essentially, you will be building a city, or world depending on how you look at it, based off of your citizen’s dreams. One of them wants to be a ninja? Start fulfilling their dream by building a dojo and completing other tasks which works towards realizing their dreams. The building structure is completely open for the most part and depends on what dreams of your citizens you want to fulfill. There will also be limited time events randomly launched throughout the game.

This dream questing that influences how you build your city will make your city unique to any other players since other people who are playing the game can chose a different route to go with what dreams they fulfill for their citizens. There are also mini quests called ‘Wishes’ which are more gear towards short term goals. These do help progress a specific citizen’s dream a little as well.

All the citizens in your Dreamtopia world can also interact with you, telling you what they are thinking when you tap on them. The people in your world will also evolve visually as their realize their dreams until they accomplish them. So the little guy who wants to be a ninja eventually realizes his dream and becomes a ninja visually as well. Your world will continue to expand as more dreams are fulfilled so your map will continue to grow.

The social aspects of Dreamtopia are pretty unique as well. While you are able to visit your friend’s maps and check out their building and citizens, you will be able to interact with their buildings. For instances if you buy tea at a coffee shop on your friends map, both of you will get rewarded for it. If you find a map another player has created that you really enjoy, you can ‘Like’ it which rewards that player as well in different ways.

Currently Dreamptopia is slated for release on Android possibly as soon as a few weeks from now depending on how the last bit of development goes. It will be available for free off of Google Play like all ngmoco titles and will have optional in-game purchases.

Developer Website: ngmoco

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