Day: 6 December 2012


Beeline to bring new Ghostbusters game to mobile devices sometime in 2013

As we draw closer to the end of 2012, a lot of games are already getting announced for 2013 which you may have noticed lately. Yet another games that will be landing on mobile devices soon comes from Beeline, the fine folks that brought us games like Smurfs’ Village and Monster Pet Shop, but this time it will be based off of the Ghostbusters franchise and yes, it will have nothing to do with augmented reality like the current Ghostbusters game is.


Pier Solar HD’s Kickstarter very successful, Android and OUYA versions in the works

Pier Solar HD is a massive retro-style 16-bit RPG that is actually a revamped version of the original Pier Solar RPG from back in the day. The developers recently took to Kickstarter to fund this new remake for a few platforms, those being Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux and the Dreamcast. However, in their stretch goals, the developers had Android and OUYA set at the $175,000 mark. Well their Kickstarter closed at just over $231K meaning both the Android and OUYA versions will be made.


Sega releases Spellwood, a new take on multiplayer word games

Sega has quietly released a new game onto Android called Spellwood which brings a bit of a different spin to the multiplayer word game genre. For those of you who don’t like playing with other people, there is a single player mode as well. So what is this game all about? Well this is a fantasy themed word game which combines combat and word spelling into one title.