Author: Steve Wright

Game News

[Updated] The popular RPG series The Witcher is coming to mobile later this year as The Witcher: Battle Arena

If you are not familiar with the series (then you obviously have never met my brother..) it is a hack and slash style RPG based on the novels of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. The mobile adaption takes the role playing game- something difficult to perfect on a mobile device, and turns it into a MOBA- a more sympathetic genre for tablets and phones.

Game Reviews

Trials: Frontier Review: For Those Of You Who Enjoy Blowing Stuff Up With A Dirt Bike

Trials Fusion is one my favorite games on the PS4; naturally I was delighted when a mobile version launched on android a few days ago. The game itself is the classic gravity/rag-doll physics game that many people will have played in different iterations. You use the on screen controls to accelerate or break, lean forward or backwards. That’s it. Nothing fancy going on here, and it works well. The buttons look aesthetically pleasing too, something a lot of games of the genre get wrong.

Game News

Google/YouTube strike a deal to buy TwitchTV for a mere $1 Billion dollars

Facebook buys Oculus Rift for $2 billion, Google buys Twitch.TV for $1 billion. This is certainly the time to be a gaming start up. Whilst many sites have spoken of this as a rumor has reported that the deal has already been made. Either way, there’s no smoke without fire, especially if the reports of Twitch turning down Microsoft in favor of Google are true.