Day: August 22, 2014

Game News

Backflip Studios to release Spellfall Puzzle-RPG on Android

Spellfall is a puzzle RPG to be released on Android by Backflip Studios. For those not familiar with the relatively recent hybrid of match-three with RPGs or action games, picture the following: You’re playing a Final Fantasy, or some other RPG with a spell casting mechanic, and you decide to cast a spell in battle. Only instead of selecting a spell from a list and paying for it out of your available MP, Candy Crush pops up on the screen and you attempt to match three or more tiles a row.

Game News

[Updated] The popular RPG series The Witcher is coming to mobile later this year as The Witcher: Battle Arena

If you are not familiar with the series (then you obviously have never met my brother..) it is a hack and slash style RPG based on the novels of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. The mobile adaption takes the role playing game- something difficult to perfect on a mobile device, and turns it into a MOBA- a more sympathetic genre for tablets and phones.

Game News

Out Now in the Amazon App Store: Mad Bullets – A Lively Arcade Shooter by isTom Games

Hungarian games developer isTom Games has a few games in the Play Store. They include Paper Train Reloaded, Ship Breaker, Nyan Cat: Lost in Space, Flappy Nyan, Nyan Cat: Jump and a few others. A few months ago, they released an arcade rail shooter on iOS titled Mad Bullets. Mad Bullets became available in the Amazon App Store recently and we expect it to arrive in the Play Store soon, though no date has been confirmed at this point. The game design for Mad Bullets is a blast from the past. It is a vivid and action-filled arcade shooter that is meant to test your reflexes and visual acuity.