Classic 80’s game Berzerk gets reworked into a modern version for the Xperia Play

Back in 1980 a multi-directional shooter was unleashed into the arcades called Berzerk. This game ended up becoming quite popular and even made it to early consoles such as the Atari 2600. If you were, or still are, a fan of this game then today is your lucky day as a re-invented version of the original has made its way to Android thanks to deltaWave Games.

Officially called Berzerker 2012 XP, this is a more modern take on the classic game. Instead of having 2D visuals when roaming around each stage as a green humanoid figure and shooting bad robots, you will be treated to a more 3D isometric viewpoint while doing the same activities.

To get through each level you will have to make your way around each maze, lighting up all the areas before the exit will appear. At that point you can make a straight shot to the exit before getting shot in the face by a robot. You can’t take too much time though otherwise you’ll wake up the end of level Baiter. If you manage to destroy all of the robots while running through the maze then you will earn yourself some nice bonuses.

Berzerker 2012 XP stays pretty close to what the original game was, keeping the good retro feel about it even though it has a nice coating of 3D visuals to bring it back to life. If you are ready to jump back into the retro gaming scene, you can nab yourself a copy of Berzerker 2012 XP for $1.26 if you own an Xperia Play. No word just yet on whether it will arrive for other Android devices or not.

Developer Website: deltaWave Games

Google Play Link: Berzerker 2012 XP

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