Classic arcade game Q*bert gets a makeover in Q*bert Rebooted

Originally released back in 1982, Q*Bert has been around for a very long time on a number of platforms including good old fashion arcades as well. Back in July 2014 it was announced that a reboot would be coming to mobile where Q*Bert would be getting a facelift for the times. That facelift has happened and Q*Bert Rebooted is now available on Google Play.

For those of you not familiar with how Q*Bert plays out, basically you have to hop around a pyramid shaped play area with the goal of changing each space to a specific color. Sometimes this requires you to hop onto each spot once. Sometimes you have to hop on each spot multiple times to get to the required color. You have to do this while avoiding enemies that are bent on killing you. All of the famous enemies are here: Coily, Ugg, Slick, Sam, Wrong Way and Red Ball.

This rebooted release comes with two versions of the game. You will get the Classic version which has been around for ages as well as the rebooted version which features 3D graphics and a few other highlights that have been added:

3 New Enemies – the classic cast of adversaries are joined by new enemies Homer, Uppercut and Treasure Chest
7 New Playable Characters – introducing Q*zard, Q*bertha, Q*bot, Q*zilla, Q*tee, Q*knight and Q*nicorn, all based on the original Q*bert form

On top of the new content, Q*Bert Rebooted is also optimized for Android TV and also comes with controller support which will make a fair amount of you happy. Rounding out the new content are new power-ups, traps, and gem collecting.

Whether you’re up for a trip down memory lane, or ready to dive into the new version, Q*bert Rebooted is available off of Google Play for $1.99. There are no IAPs either.

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