Cleaning the world of dinosaurs with your spaceship in Dino Picker

There is a neat little game out right now called Dino Picker by VoiceGate Technologies. It is a rather simple game at its core but can end up getting pretty challenging as you progress through it. It also has some great 3D graphics that almost have a claymation feel to them.

Dino Picker has you playing as Mr. Crazy Picker, a military commander who has been called in to clean the three life zones of your planet. What are you cleaning? Well it happens to be dinosaurs since they have decided to migrate to all three life zones, causing havoc for everyone. Your spaceship is equipped with a little tractor beam type of weapon which allows you to pick up all the dinosaurs, one at a time, until you have cleared the area of them.

While most dinosaurs are harmless, there are two types that can spit fireballs at you which will cause your ship to take damage and crash to the surface. Dino Picker is simple, good looking game to kill some time with and if you are interested in checking it out, you can download it free off the Android Market. Sometimes these little games can be quite enjoyable.

Developer Website: VoiceGate Technologies

Android Market Link: Dino Picker

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