Climb Higher, an Upcoming Hardcore Indie Platformer, is Looking for Beta Testers on Android

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Climb Higher, an upcoming hardcore indie platformer that’s coming soon to Android.

The developer has been pretty active over on Reddit, posting a steady stream of updates and gameplay teasers, and it’s looking pretty good.

Climb Higher Challenges You to Break Stuff to Get Gems

At the moment, the team is looking for beta testers to help complete it ahead of the eventual launch, and you can get involved.

Climb Higher sees you play as a tiny white ball with a face, and challenges you to throw it around a variety of platforming levels Angry Birds-style.

The goal seems to be to collect a bunch of gems lying about, and you seem to achieve this by mostly breaking stuff. Just like in Angry Birds, you can fling your head into glass and various other objects to break them.

If you’d like to check out the beta, go ahead and check out the developer’s post over on Reddit. Or, simply grab it from Google Play right now.

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