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Clusterduck Is a Quirky Breeding Game Dreamed Up at a PikPok Game Jam, Out Now on Android

Clusterduck, from Kiwi developer PikPok, is a collecting game that sees you breeding ducks to create weird and outrageous evolutionary monstrosities. It looks like fun.

The game is the product of one of PikPok’s internal game jams, involving team members are aren’t usually involved with designing and making games. We can safely assume that most of these game jam ideas go directly in the bin, but Clusterduck looks like a winner.

The goal is to hatch as many ducks as possible. As in the real world, hatching new ducks results in genetic muations that get passed onto offspring. Unlike in the real world, these mutations include having a sword for a head or a horse’s hoof for a wing.

There are hundreds of head, wing, and body variations to amorally mash together, with mutations coming in various different degrees of rarity. Clusterduck boasts 218,107,949,875,200 possible variations. If you know how to say this number, spell it out for us in the comments.

Clusterduck looks like a funny and addictive casual game with a polished art style. You can download it for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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