Com2uS Makes Fantasy Golf Game Birdie Crush Available for Pre-Registration on Mobile

Com2uS has announced the imminent release of Birdie Crush, a “fantasy golf game” featuring anime visuals and casual gameplay.

The game looks like an arcadey take on the sport, emphasing accessibility and fun over fidelity to the famously demanding rigors of real golf. In fact, it even boasts an “auto” feature.

Birdie Crush is set in Tribain Kingdom, the birthplace of golf (sorry, Scotland). It features magic and technology, as well as a magical school called Delion Bridge Golf Academy where aspiring professionals can master these disciplines.

There’s live global multiplayer, too, letting you unlease your powerful course-specific skills against other human beings around the world.

So far, Com2uS has released plenty of info on the backstory and general tone of Birdie Crush, and relatively little on the actual gameplay. It looks solid enough.

You can pre-register for Birdie Crush right now on the Google Play Store.

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