Com2Us releases their newest casual social game called Derby Days

A new casual/social/simĀ game has made it to Google Play, and it’s developed by Com2uS studio. This time they’re giving us Derby Days, a game that mixes nice catroon-ish graphics with but in the field of breeding and racing horses. No illegal gambling intended at all.

In Derby Days, you start your own stable (with your Com2uS Hub information) and are given a Horse, a small hut and some more things to play around with. Gameplay basically goes from there with breeding your horse, training it, racing with it, going to championships, and mating with your friends’ mares which, in turns, brings a new colt/foal to your place. As the game progresses you will obtain money to buy new things for your stable and improve your virtual land a bit at a time. All the time you’re around your stable you can also complete the in-game missions that usually involve buying items for it.

As it is, Derby Days features nice graphics that are pretty much standard nowadays with the rise of so many social games over both social networks and mobile platforms. It is of no surprise that sounds are just the way they should be for these kind of games, so no surprise in here. The game also features a consistent notifications option, for those who love to take care of things just in time.

Being a free game, it was to be expected that it had some kind of shop/stamina system to keep the greens coming for Com2uS. Well, with this one you get the full package: Carrots are used to train your horses, Coins are for buying stuff for your stable; there’s an energy bar that depletes as you compete and then you have Cash Points, which are Com2uS greens for buying premium stuff like nice and fast foals. It’s up to you to get some money if you feel like you’re not earning it fast enough, and whether you’re short on cash or not, you can get In-App Purchases that go from $1.99 all the way to $99.99.

You can get it for free on Google Play right now, and start breeding a new Workforce or a Secretariat.

Developer Website: Com2US

Google Play Link: Derby Days

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