Confirmed: Zenonia 3 for Android is out in Korea, coming to US in 2011

Yesterday we posted about Zenonia 3 already being available for Android devices in Korea. We shot a word over to Gamevil via Twitter asking if they could confirm that Zenonia 3 is indeed out and available. Sure enough we got that confirmation and we were also lucky enough to grab a copy of it! Check out the slew of screenshots from Zenonia 3.

We took these screenshots of Zenonia 3 running on our Nexus One. Overall the game looks real good so far and you don’t start off as a wuss like you did in the first one. You even get a fairy right at the start of the game. No idea how you start off in Zenonia 2 since it isn’t out yet. According to Gamevil though, we will have Zenonia 2 this month.

While Zenonia 3 is in Korean and I don’t know how to speak/read Korean, I was only able to muck around in game for a bit, long enough to snap a bunch of screenshots of the opening story and wander around a bit smacking some big bears in hats with my sword. The menu system is still pretty much just like the first Zenonia which is great, lots of options, Active/Passive skills, inventory etc etc. Controls are completely touch screen as well, no trackball support at least in this version.

PvP will be a part of Zenonia 2 and while I haven’t spent much time in Zenonia 3, I don’t see why PvP wouldn’t be included in this version. We can expect localization of Zenonia 3 and it being available in 2011.

Developer Website: Gamevil


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