Connect2Media signs deal with Sonic Boom Games to bring four titles to Android

Connect2Media has signed a deal with developers Sonic Boom to bring four of their titles to Android soon. As part of the deal, two of the games will be Pocket Farmer and Pocket Zoo Keeper and two of the four games should start making their way to Android later this Summer.

Pocket Zoo Keeper is a sim game where you help your character, Zoo Keeper Jessie, through 10 stages of unique challenges when it comes to running a zoo. It isn’t just about the animals though as you will also have to manage properties in the zoo such as restaurants, souvenir stands and facilities in order to run a successful zoo. After that you can play Open Zoo mode where essentially the game takes on an endless style of gameplay where you will be building your own zoo and running it. You can build habitats for 19 different animals for your zoo while dealing with all the other maintenance.

Pocket Farmer is pretty much identical to Pocket Zoo Keeper but themed around building and running a farm instead of a zoo. While these are only two of the four games coming to Android from Sonic Boom via Connect2Media, the other two have yet to be announced. One game we hope ends up being Dream Chronicles but we won’t know for sure until it is closer to their release dates. Pocket Zoo Keeper and Pocket Farmer are slated to be released onto the Android Market sometime later this Summer.

Developer Website: Sonic Boom Games

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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