Coral City from Lonely Sock Games sheds closed beta tags

A game we talked about back in December 2011 called Coral City from Lonely Sock Games has shed its closed beta tags and is now in an open beta. This means if you missed out in getting into the closed beta, you can now jump right into the game as an open beta tester.

Coral City is a Sim City / Social type of game where you will be underwater, building your own ocean city. It will come with “lively characters, innovative gameplay, social features and colorful humor for all ages”. With the shedding of closed beta tags, we get to see what the game actually looks like when you are building your city.

As you can tell from the screenshot above, it is a rather colorful city building game, albeit underwater. Since the layout is somewhat familiar with the city building genre of games, if you have ever played titles like Sim City, then you should feel pretty comfortable right away in Coral City. Here are a few notes about the open beta:

1. Play as much as you want. Of course the more you play, happier we are :). If you’re connected to internet we’re getting basic anonymous data about Coral City including crashlogs if the game stopped working due to a bug. If the game crashes, please run it again ASAP – the stored crashlog will be sent to tell us what went wrong.
2. Please let us know what you like about the game and even more importantly what would you like to improve – feedback through this form:
3. If you find a bug or any problem, let us know through the same form. Please include what device and Android version you used to play the game.
4. If our team of sea engineers needs to update the game, a pop-up window will announce the new version directly in the game – then just press the link, download the new version and re-install.
5. You will be able to purchase Pearls in the Pearl Shop with real money in future. The Pearl Shop is running in demo mode now, which means you can buy Pearls there once and for free.

If you are interested in checking this game out and being a part of the open beta phase, you can download the game and read the install instruction by hitting up the link below. Coral City will be free-to-play when it is released in full version glory although you will have the option to buy things in-game using Pearls, the in-game currency.

Official Website: Coral City Beta

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